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There's Always Hope....

There's always hope.... Have you ever worked on a project and at some point you step back and say 'this is not what I originally had in mind'. Maybe it worked out better than you thought, maybe it just stopped exciting you. I find that some of those projects can be set aside for months, maybe longer. You look at it from time to time but creative ideas for it allude you. Then one day you have an idea, you resume that project with some new direction. Great, right? But behold, I had that same situation with a pendant piece. It was at least a year old, I reworked it, put it in the kiln, and for a reason I'm still not sure, exploded in the kiln. A big shard was missing from the back layer. First I was sad, but after some rework and some silver metal clay--- voila! So the moral of the story is there's always hope! The mounting for the pendant below is pure fine silver.